Weekly Reads


Here are several articles/posts from the week ending May 7, 2011, that you should read:

Politics: Mitch Daniels: Education Reformer” by Ryan Streeter

Mitch Daniels gave several education speeches this week, and talked about his education plan, which includes institutionalizing choice and improving classroom performance.

Economics: Can Poor Countries Afford Democracy?” by Gary Becker

Christianity: Osama bin Laden and the Value of Justice” by Kevin DeYoung

Answers to questions: (1) Did Osama bin Laden deserve to die? (2) Did those who killed him have authority to do so?

Leadership: Why I Carry a Kindle Instead of an iPad” by Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders on why he carries a Kindle instead of an iPad, further confirming my earlier bias toward the Kindle.

Also read: Hard Work vs. Long Work” by Seth Godin