Tribes: Is the world of leadership changing?

The Internet has made the world smaller.  Instead of writing letters and waiting weeks for them to arrive at their destination, we now write emails, and they arrive instantly.  Instead of watching the nightly newscast or reading the morning newspaper, we can find the news at our fingertips at any second of the day.  Instead of joining the local club, we can now join any club in the world, with people that have the exact same tastes as we do.

In Tribes, Seth Godin writes that “before the Internet, coordinating and leading a tribe was difficult.  It was difficult to get the word out, difficult to coordinate action, difficult to grow quickly.”  The Internet has made it easy for people to communicate with each other, but there are tribes that are just waiting for leadership.

Old rules are out the window
Instead of the old rules of the world that stated that everyone must report to a manager, and that manager to a vice president, and the vice president to a CEO, there are new rules in a new world.  One no longer has to be a manager to lead a tribe.  “There is a tribe of fellow employees or customers or investors or believers or hobbyists or readers just waiting for you to connect them to one another and lead them where they want to go.”

What’s needed?
What are the components of a successful tribe?  It takes two things to turn a group of people into a tribe:

  1. a shared interest and
  2. a way to communicate.

 A leader helps to increase the effectiveness of the tribe and its members by

  1. transforming a shared interest into a passionate goal and desire for change;
  2. providing tools to allow members to tighten their communications; and
  3. leveraging the tribe to allow it to grow and gain new members.

Tribes was not written in the way that I usually think.  It requires more interpretation than most authors require of their readers.  Most people like to read a book that confirms their ideas.  If you’re one of these people, then don’t read this book.  If you are willing to have some of your ideas questioned, and open to a new way of thinking regarding leadership, then go out and get this book!

Get Started!
There’s a tribe out there that’s just waiting for you to lead it.  Go out and get it.  Start leading.  A leader enables their tribe.  A leader is generous with their tribe.  A leader has faith.  A leader does what everyone else thinks is impossible.  A leader isn’t put off when a new business model doesn’t work as smoothly as the old one at first (think Netflix!).  A leader takes initiative.  A leader connects their followers to one another.

Go out and lead!