Some Familiar Power Players

Today, Real Clear Politics released their list of the “Top Ten Rising Power Players in Congress.”  On this list, we find some of the people that we’ve talked about before on this blog:

Number 1 – Marco Rubio – of course we find Marco Rubio on this list.  He’s young, energetic, good looking, and rumored to be the future of the Republican party (vice president, president, ruler of the world, etc.).

Number 3 – Kelly Ayotte – the future senator from New Hampshire is a rising power player not only because she was the only female Republican senator elected in 2010, but also because she’s from New Hampshire, which means she’ll be a power broker for the presidential race in 2012.

Number 5 – Rob Portman – the new Senator from Ohio is on the imaginary shortlist for Vice President in 2012, as he hails from a swing state, and because he’s a policy wonk who runs a great campaign.

Number 9 – Peter Roskam – from the Illinois 6th congressional district, Peter Roskam is a rising star within the Republican Party.  Only in his third term in the U.S. House, he got a coveted seat on the Ways and Means committee in his second term, and he was recently appointed to be the Chief Deputy Whip for the new majority in the 112th Congress (a leadership role that puts him the 7th highest-ranking Republican member of Congress).  He also made it to my personal list of favorite U.S. politicians.

Who’s on your list of favorite politicians?  Who’s a rising star in American politics?