Political Thanksgiving

Here are 10 things to be thankful for in the political realm (in no particular order, and I’m not even really saying that these are the top ten things):

  1. Ann Coulter’s political articles are always entertaining (read the most recent, on the TSA, here).
  2. More than 70 new Republicans in Congress (see the new Senators here).
  3. John Boehner will be the next Speaker of the House.
  4. Nancy Pelosi will no longer be a leader in Congress.  Oh wait, no.  She WILL be the Democratic leader.  Which makes sense because the political moderates in the Democratic party were just kicked out of Congress on November 2.
  5. The next presidential election is only 712 days away.
  6. Sarah Palin’s new television show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” is losing viewers right and left (yes, there’s a double meaning there).  Read all about it on PerezHilton.com (my most favoritest EVER gossip site, which I read EVERY day, and will likely be my Blog of the Month one of these days).
  7. Congress is looking likely NOT to raise our taxes in the lame duck session.
  8. Bristol Palin did NOT win “Dancing With the Stars.”  How did she ever get to the finals in the first place?
  9. A newly divided government.  This assures that neither party will overreach in their ideological goals (as has been the case for the last 2 years).
  10. We still have the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the freedom to bear arms.  We also have the rule of law, equality, equality for women and minorities, and fairly strong property and contract law.
  11. And a bonus: we can be thankful that Charlie Rangel will remain in the House of Representatives, because we need our Congress to have strong, ethical leaders!

Happy Thanksgiving!

What in politics are you thankful for?

  • http://www.nurturedmoms.com/ Heather

    Hahaha, Bob, the image of you reading Perez Hilton every day just makes me LOL.

    • Bob

      Someone came up to me at the wedding yesterday and said that he was laughing at that thought, too… why can’t anyone picture me reading that website? :)