My first choice for Congress…

Randy HultgrenI don’t often campaign for people.  In fact, I’ve only ever done it for two people in my entire life (short, though it may have been so far).  When I lived in Wheaton, I worked for Peter Roskam’s first campaign, and he’s turned out to be a very good Congressman.  When I moved to Naperville, I really wasn’t excited about my representative, Judy Biggert, so I’ve never worked for her.

This cycle, however, there is one candidate that I was excited to work for: Randy Hultgren.  I can’t vote for him, because he’s running in the 14th Congressional District (the subject of many tears, and don’t think that I haven’t considered moving just so I could be in his district), but this man is the real thing.

He’s pretty much me, if I were to run for Congress.  He’s spent 12 years in the Illinois legislature, and is a man of faith and a friend of life.  He’s committed to strong family values (I’ve heard that he home-schools his kids, and that’s a requirement, in my mind, for having strong family values).  He believes in limited government, fiscal responsibility and the entrepreneurial spirit of America.  He has a strong record from the Illinois legislature, and believes in the things that I believe in.  He has kept his word to the people that he’s represented.

His opponent, Bill Foster, doesn’t hold the same values.  When asked about his faith, he said that he believes in a higher being, but isn’t affiliated with any faith group.  To me, that’s just an atheist pandering to people because he doesn’t believe that he could get enough votes without believing in a “higher being.”  So, he’s not a person of faith.  His actions also show that he’s a fan of expanded government and increased federal debt.  He voted for each “stimulus” plan, including $60B in 2008, the bailout of GM and Chrysler, $825B in January 2009, and $192B in July 2009.  That’s over $1 trillion that he voted for, and that was before he voted for the healthcare disaster (a topic about which I will be writing about separately), which added another $1 trillion to our tax/debt burden.

If you live in the 14th Congressional District, please vote for Randy Hultgren on November 2nd, because we need leaders of integrity whose life and actions match their words and promises.

Better yet, go vote early (here’s a list of early voting locations for DuPage County and Kane County).  You can vote early through Thursday.  If you need more information about Randy, you can visit his website at

  • fivebares

    Home-schooling kids is a requirement for having strong family values? I hope that was just a weirdly worded sentence that I’m misunderstanding. :)

    Here’s one promise Hultgren didn’t keep: letting me be his intern in 98/99. I had my high school winterim program all set with him, and a few days before the program started, he called to inform me that he’d changed his mind, no reasons given.

    • Bob

      I believe that the hallmark of having strong family values is homeschooling your kids. In fact, if you DON’T home-school your kids, you really shouldn’t even call yourself a family man or a Christian!

      I guess my sarcasm doesn’t come across as strongly in print as it was coming across in my head :)

  • Ellie

    Fivebares: He “changed his mind”? Those were his exact words?

    • fivebares

      No, that was my saying what he did, not him saying what he was doing. As I said, he didn’t give any reasons. He just went from saying he would do it to a few days before I was going to start saying that he was not going to do it. I assumed it was obvious that was a change of mind. :) Not a big deal now, but at the time I remember being pretty bummed.

      And Bob, I deep down did get your sarcasm, but was confident in my sarc-adar just then, so I figured I’d check for old times’ sake. :)

  • Rachel

    I live in the 14th District and will be voting for Randy Hultgren. Hoping I can get out to vote early. :-)