Government spending isn't really going up…


Paul Krugman


I recently read an article on the New York Times by Paul Krugman that stated that government spending really hasn’t gone up under the Obama administration, and “we never had the kind of fiscal expansion that might have created the millions of jobs we need.”  In other words, it is possible for the government to spend enough money to create enough jobs so that the U.S. economy can get out of its rut, but we just haven’t tried hard enough yet.

This is a classic example of twisting the facts to one’s own advantage.  The author argues that government payroll overall has decreased, because state and local government employment has gone down (while federal employment has gone up), but then argues that the part of the stimulus plan that went to state and local government shouldn’t be considered government spending, because it wasn’t done by the federal government.

And the reason there’s a perception that government has increased spending?  Because of a disinformation campaign from the right-wing.  Not because spending in 2009 went up $618 billion (21.3%).  Not because our deficit increased from $200B in 2008 to $1.4T in 2009 to $1.5T this year.  Not even because our national debt jumped 36.4% from 2008 to 2010, to $13.6T.  It’s the evil right-wing narrative that’s the problem.

We need to try ramping up government spending… then we’d find out that it will improve our economy, and that government can responsibly handle money.

I’m adding a picture of Paul Krugman.  Do you buy his argument?

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    Haha, Janey! I thought I could hear you yelling from here. :)

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