Firebrands for President?

Since my post about the 2012 Republican Contenders, I’ve been trying to find videos of the people that I said might run.  Here are two videos of what might be called “firebrands”–Paul Ryan and Chris Christie.  Both are darlings of the right, and would be applauded by many if they run.  Paul Ryan is a congressman from Wisconsin who has published the “Roadmap for America’s Future,” which is a plan that he says will balance the budget, get rid of the federal deficit, and eliminate the national debt (over a period of 25-50 years).  Chris Christie is the governor of New Jersey, who won in a traditionally Democratic state, and is known for his quick wit and sharp tongue while dealing with people that would suckle at the teet of government.

Here’s Paul Ryan and the Healthcare summit last year:

Here’s Chris Christie responding to a teacher at a town hall meeting:

Would you vote for either of these guys?