Dennis Kucinich for President!

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Dennis Kucinich represents the 10th congressional district of Ohio in the U.S. House of Representatives, and has been called (on his website) “America’s Most Courageous Congressman.”  After being the mayor of Cleveland, the people of Cleveland decided that he need more supervision, so they sent him to Congress in 1997, where he would have 434 other members looking after him.  He’s known in Congress and on TV for his pink ties and his liberal views.  I believe he’s also a vegan.  He also ran for president in 2008, when he gave this answer in a presidential debate:

He is among the few Congressmen that have been willing to face Stephen Colbert and the Colbert Nation.  He accepted Stephen’s challenge to appear on his show and empty his pockets:

I think he would be a perfect candidate to run again in 2012.