Cross Examination: Is Debunking Christianity Possible?


This page is an overview of the posts in the series entitled “Cross Examination: Is Debunking Christianity Possible?”  In this series, which is a 52-week series examining Christianity, I will examine my own faith (hence the word play, “Cross Examination”).  I’m examining those things that are foundational and central to Christianity.  I will also examine, as I stated in my introduction to the series, the main criticisms of Christianity, including emotional, intellectual, and volitional arguments against Christianity.

My purpose in this series is to examine my own faith.  It’s not primarily to persuade other people that my views are right, but rather to be able to provide an answer to myself to the question, “Why do you believe?”

I will do my best to present each side of every issue that I discuss but, as with all people, I have predispositions and blind spots, so I rely on the community of Brevis to point out the flaws in my arguments.  This is not to say that, when these flaws are pointed out, they will lead to me changing my mind, but I hope that it will deepen my understanding of each issue.

I am a Christian, so I’m not trying to disprove my faith, but rather trying to provide a more solid foundation for it.  However, if I find compelling evidence that my faith is wrong, then I will have to rethink my own faith.  I hope this is not the case, but I will follow the evidence where it leads.  I hope that you will come along with me in my examination of faith, and that you will provide me with helpful feedback and criticism.

Here are the posts that are a part of the series: