Charlie Rangel is Guilty

The House Ethics Committee found Rep. Charlie Rangel guilty on 11 of 13 counts that were brought against him.  He threw a fit on Monday because the committee would not agree to postpone the trial, because he had fired his legal counsel.  The committee held the trial without him, and came up with their verdict:

Last year, Rangel took to the House floor to defend himself, imploring his colleagues to hold an Ethics Committee trial:

Do you think that Rep. Rangel should be expelled from the House of Representatives?  Should he resign?

  • Genuine Chris Johnson
    • Bob

      I have to say, Chris… best YouTube music video I’ve watched in a long time… especially politics-related.

    • Heather

      hahahaha. I love auto-tune the news. You should watch all of them, Bob. My favorite is #3 or #5 I think. Which ever one is where they are arguing about smoking on the floor of congress and some congressman says (sings), “It’s not the nicotine that kills, it’s the SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOKE.”

      • Heather

        yes, it’s #5. hahahahaha

  • Heather

    Yes, he should be expelled. But it sounds like they’re just going to tell him that he’s been a naughty boy.

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