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My Daily Reading Habits

Something that fascinates me is how people inform themselves–how they get their news, what books they read, who they listen to, and what they watch. I think that people are profoundly influenced by who they listen to and what they read.

Do Strict Gun Control Laws Work?

One of the things that has troubled me in the gun control debate is this: is there any data that suggests that strict gun control laws actually produce results? Do gun control laws reduce murders? Do they even reduce gun murders? I decided to do some very rough research. Here’s what I found.

Book Review: Total Money Meltdown

As many of you know, I’m a fan of Dave Ramsey, and have been following his financial management system for a couple of years, and am living my life without debt. So, when I saw that comedian Thor Ramsey (no relation) had written a book called The Total Money Meltdown, I was intrigued.

The Good and the Bad of “Cut, Cap, and Balance”

Cut Cap and Balance2

Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 2560, the “Cut, Cap, and Balance Act of 2011,” by a vote of 239-190. I think there are some good ideas in this legislation, and some bad ideas.

The Economics of Parenting

Children Lying with Heads Together

One of the blogs that I follow is called “Freakonomics,” which is the title of the authors’ book, Freakonomics (they’ve also just released another book called SuperFreakonomics). Yesterday, I listened to an episode of their radio show called “The Economist’s Guide to Parenting.” This was one of the most interesting things I’ve listened to all week (that, and the Anthony Weiner resignation announcement). If you have a little bit of time, you should listen to it.

Getting to Plan B


In life, sometimes God throws a wrench into our carefully-laid plans. We set out our goals on paper, and we make a list of intermediate steps to reach that goal. Or, we spend six months on a business plan for our new business, only to find that it doesn’t work when we launch our business.

A Memorial Day Poem

American Flag

In a nation that increasingly shuns nationalism, and is more comfortable commemorating slaughter than heroism, I thought that I’d scour the Internet to find a poem that celebrates the heroes in our country.

The Hypocrisy of Christian Leaders

Ted Haggard2

Quite often, I either hear or read a news story in which someone says of a Christian (usually a church leader), “That person is so hypocritical.” Examples abound: Jim Bakker, a once-powerful televangelist who was found guilty of fraud; Jimmy Swaggart, who patronized prostitutes; Randall Terry, who was censured by his church for adultery.

7 Kinds of Leadership


Everyone has seen different kinds of leaders. Everyone has probably served under different kinds of leaders. But what makes leaders different from one another? What are the different characteristics of distinct leadership styles? In my reading, I’ve come across 7 different kinds of leaders and leadership styles:

Leading Yourself: The Path of Least Resistance


Graduation time is fast approaching, for high school and for college, and it’s a time when many graduates are thinking, “What do I do next?” Some might think that the decisions that they make now won’t affect their future that much (because, after all, they can always change direction later), but that is SO far from the truth.