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C2C: The Anatomy of a Good Snowstorm

(Coming to you almost live from a comfortable wingback chair in front a frost-covered window littered with a child’s paper snowflakes, behind which is happening a good snowstorm, which is stimulating my right-brain at the moment)

5 Reasons Christians Should Adopt

Last month, we had an “Orphan Sunday” at Grace Church. This event put another log on the fire that’s been going on in my mind for several years now: Christians (individually) and the Church (collectively) should take a major role in the care of orphans worldwide, primarily through adoption.

Here are some reasons why Christians should take the lead in adoption:

C2C: Down With Capitalist Christmas!

There’s one Christmas that stands out in my mind as different from the rest. My parents occasionally went through a “giving gifts and frivolous celebration during the season denigrates the meaning of Christmas” phase.

Another Stone, Another Memory

“…When your children ask in time to come, ‘What do those stones mean to you?’ then you shall tell them …” Joshua 4:6

Thirty Years …

Today I turn 30… [moment of silence over my impending ancient-ness] In all seriousness now, my children’s birthdays are so much sweeter and more poignant to me for my own memories of watching them enter the world and holding their precious little bodies for the very first time. Thirty years ago today, a young woman who…

C2C: The Lebkuchen Tradition

Each year, for as long as I can remember (up until the time we moved to Nigeria), my mother made Lebkuchen during the Christmas season. And not just a little; she would make a LOT of lebkuchen.

Are Private Schools Better Than Public Schools?

In my continuing series comparing schooling options for my kids, I’ve been thinking about private schools lately.  In our area, there are several good Christian school options, including the Greenhouse and Clapham School – if you know of any others in the area, please let me know.I’m evaluating the different schools in terms of several…

Why Talking Can Be Better Than Listening

This is Aidan.  Aidan struggles greatly in the area of patience.  When he does [generally every few hours], I find myself doing the thing I swore I would never do [years ago when I was young and foolish].  I channel my mother.  Chiding him gently, I break into a little song from my own childhood about…

Are Public Schools Worth It?

We’re currently thinking about what type of schooling we should give our kids (given that Darcy is the age where she’s starting school). This year, we’re homeschooling her for preschool…