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Ten Specific Problems with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

A while back, I wrote about the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. It was horrible. Now, a new treaty is coming before the U.S. Senate: the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It’s equally bad, and should not be approved by the Senate.

Coming Back Soon…

As many of you have noticed, I have been on hiatus from the blog for a couple months now. I’ve been taking a class at the local community college, and made a deal with my lovely wife ( to stop blogging while I was taking the class.

The Economics of Parenting

Children Lying with Heads Together

One of the blogs that I follow is called “Freakonomics,” which is the title of the authors’ book, Freakonomics (they’ve also just released another book called SuperFreakonomics). Yesterday, I listened to an episode of their radio show called “The Economist’s Guide to Parenting.” This was one of the most interesting things I’ve listened to all week (that, and the Anthony Weiner resignation announcement). If you have a little bit of time, you should listen to it.

Extraversion and Success


Is there a link between extroversion and success? My wife and I had a discussion this evening about a possible link between extroversion and success. Does having extroverted tendencies lead one to have greater success, in business or in life?

5 Reasons to Become Debt-Free

Last week, I wrote a post called, “The Consequences of Debt,” which dealt with the outcomes of having a burdensome national debt, using the examples of Greece, Ireland, and now Portugal. Today, I want to trumpet several reasons to be debt-free, both personally, and as a nation. I’ll give five reasons for both (and they look eerily similar):

Protecting Children?: Thoughts on the Convention on the Rights of the Child

I got an email fowarded to me from the (“Protecting Children by Empowering Parents) about the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), which is a “civil rights treaty setting out the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children,” according to Wikipedia. It hasn’t been ratified by the United States, primarily because of religious and conservative opposition

Khan-tastic: The Next Generation of Learning

I found the greatest teaching/learning site on the Internet. I heard about the site, Khan Academy, several months ago, but never really bothered to check it out. Today, I found the time. If you homeschool your kids, or if you want your kid to be the next Jacob Barnett, or if you don’t homeschool, and want your kids to have an edge in school…

If You’re Lucky, You Get a Phone Call

My mom’s voice on the other end of the phone was heavy with emotion and exhaustion. “It’s time. Your dad and I want each of you to talk to her tonight and say goodbye.”

My War On Germs

Is it Spring yet? Sickness, be gone!  BE GONE, I say!  …hmm, this isn’t working as well as I thought it would. I’m stymied as to how the last several weeks have turned green (in a snotty, not Spring-y or environmental-y way).  Are my children licking each other?  I’m seriously considering renaming one child “The…

A Festive Holiday Tale (Or, Of Magic Trains and Nazgul)

There are moments in life when I have a slight out-of-body experience. My brain floats above my body in a bubble and points and laughs maniacally.