Book Review Policy

Book ReviewsReview Policy

Authors & Publishers – If you would like to send me a book to review, please email me at AT gmail DOT com with a synopsis of the book. I’m usually happy to participate in blog tours, post guest posts, conduct author interviews, and/or hold giveaways in conjunction with reading and reviewing the promoted book.

  • My Preferred Topics/Genres: Politics, Business, Economics, Leadership, Christianity, Theology, Current Events
  • Genres I Generally Will Not Accept: Romance/Erotica, Chick Lit, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, and most other fiction.

I have a Kindle and will consider accepting specific review copies in electronic form.

If I solicit a review copy of book, I will review it.  However, if I accept a non-solicited review copy of a book, I do not guarantee that I’ll finish it or that I’ll review it. If I do finish the book, I’ll review it honestly on this site. If I do not finish a book for any reason, I’ll do my best to ensure that it finds its way into the hands of another interested reader, usually through a giveaway on this site. I may or may not read and review unsolicited books.

I do my best to read and review books in a timely manner. I try to publish my book review on or around the release date of the book.  However, due to time constraints and other reading interests, it may take several months for a review to be posted.  If you have a specific timeline in which you would like a review, please mention this in your original email.