Blue sky. Zooming dots.

As I was uploading pictures onto the computer tonight, I realized that I still had the pictures from the Air and Water show this summer.   Editorial: If you have never been to Chicago’s Air and Water show, you really should go before you die.

I have only one problem with the Air and Water show [AWS].  I can never photograph it.  The planes come so close … I grab my

See? "Nothing but blue sky from now on ..."

camera in awe … swearing they’re so close that I can see the pilot’s nose hairs … and then … *snap* … it’s done!  …my pictures will be genius! … people will marvel at my photographic skills … *checks screen* … oh, wait … it’s just a big picture of blue sky with zooming dots.  Every time, every year!  Blue sky.  Zooming dots.  At times, I catch the stray telephone wire.  I’ve also followed the path of planes too quickly so as to capture dense and blurry trees … oh yes, and there are the ever so proud shots of planes zooming over bored Chicago tourists heading into the nearest port-a- … what do they even call those things?  The little bathroom houses?

Anyway, I digress …

So, to sum up … Blue sky.  Zooming dots.  Hey!  But maybe next year …