Blog of the Month: Stuff Christians Like

“I don’t mean to start an argument, but it’s pretty clear that God would use an iPhone and not a Blackberry. That is, of course, if he didn’t choose angels, bushes or donkeys, methods he relied on in the Bible. And his call would never get dropped, even if he was at the Catalyst Conference and 13,000 other people were trying to tweet at the same exact time.”

This is a blog site that I found out about in a circuitous kind of way. I found Dave Ramsey by accident on iTunes while looking for a personal finance podcast to listen to on my way to work. I started listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio/web, and shortly after I began listening to Dave, he hired Jon Acuff as a blogger-in-residence, or social media guru, or something like that. I started following Jon on Twitter, and therefore got to know his blog, Stuff Christians Like.

This sometimes-serious-but-mostly-witty-commentary site has caused me to wryly sit back and contemplate the odder rituals and frumpities of Christianity and Christians and, most of the time, laugh my head off in the process.

Here are some of the blog posts from the past month that I’ve found particularly interesting:

#937 – Office prayers – Have you ever prayed that you wouldn’t get into any “urinal conversations”? That, and other office prayers.

#929 – Sinning in jealousy over people who got iPads for Christmas – from which the above quote is taken.

#6 in 2010: Sex – I’m pretty sure that I read this article on CNN before I knew who Jon Acuff was. A review of how Christians think about sex.

#932 – Comparing our situations to Job – “Let’s get one thing clear. Job lost his family, his house, his livestock, his wealth and his own health. My girlfriend of two weeks dumped me. Those are not comparable situations.”

#927 – Adventures in Odyssey – Do you remember listening to Adventures in Odyssey in cross-country trips? When the Holy Spirit convicts you, does his voice sound like John Avery Whittaker? Do your kids play “imagination station” instead of “pretend”? Yes, yes… it’s one of those Christian things.

Stuff Christians Like is a blog that even the most jaded Christian will enjoy… yes, I’m looking in your general direction, Bitterbare.

  • fivebares

    Love this guy. Link to him on my site (Jon Acuff).

    And I’m not jaded. I’m just skeptical! And sometimes, I’m trying to ask questions that force people to think beyond quick, simple, social-media-age answers!

    Okay, I’m a little jaded. :) But it’s as redeemable as anything else…


  • Susan Gaul

    The ipad thing made me laugh, I wanna have me one.