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Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is the personal blog of the president and CEO of Thomas Nelson publishers.  I’m sure there are people who go there just because he’s a CEO, and want to learn about him (and that’s OK).  I found his blog about a year ago, but didn’t really start reading until a couple of months ago.  The blog is a great mix of articles about leadership, blogging, and other things.  I’m drawn to it because I’m involved in writing and leadership, and he gives you very useable advice.

My favorite articles have been “Do You Make These 10 Mistakes When You Blog?” and “Creating a Life Plan.”

One interesting thing that Michael does is write about the books he reads.  Recently, he did wrote a book review of “The Executive and the Elephant,” by Richard L. Daft.  It’s a book about personal mastery, a book about leading yourself.  He gave away 100 copies of the book on his blog, a very good way to promote one’s blog, I must say :)

Anyways, check out… I think you’ll love it.

  • Matt Yonke

    And, Michael is a convert from evangelicalism to, and has been ordained a deacon in, the Eastern Orthodox Church. He does a podcast on Ancient Faith Radio, an online Orthodox radio station, called At the Intersection of East and West. It’s quite good, very down to earth. I particularly recommend his series on celebrating Great Lent if you’re not familiar with the Orthodox practice of that season. You can stream those and all his podcasts at the link above.

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