Hidden Chase

Chase is loud [a slight understatement] when he wants to be, but he also has this bizarre habit of finding a random place to hide [favorite place? under the coffee table] and just sit watching his frantic mother run around the house calling for him.  It’s a little strange actually, but I’ve been informed that he gets it from his father, so, I guess my frantic-running-around-the-house days have only just begun.

Speaking of which, where is Bob?! …

"Can you see me now, Mom?"

  • Your Dad

    Where’s Bob? I suspect he’s under the coffee table with Chase

  • Leah

    That second picture is absolutley perfect for this post. Chase’s face is priceless. “Mom, the madness has only begun…”. :)

  • http://brevisdictus.wordpress.com Ellie

    Leah, I fear you’re very, very right. :)